Dear Darla,

More than once I’ve had random jackasses respond to or comment on my kickboxing and lifting videos with statements that they think it’s just so hot that I can kick their asses. Those are quickly followed by invitations for a drink.

Let’s just pause here for a minute….because you douchers clearly have no fucking idea what you just said to me.

So from a 30 second video posted to social media, you have determined that I possess some desirable, sexy quality that appeals to you. Violent…but sexy. That’s cool. I’ll agree with that.

But because YOU like ME, now WE need to get together?

Aaaaand what exactly do you bring to the table here, buddy? Your comment suggests that you’re rather pussified and I think it’s quite clear I’m not a pro athlete.

Not really making my panties wet so far.

I mean…come on…when was the last time you heard a woman say that her dream guy is a pansy ass who can get beat up by girls? Think about it. If I can clearly knock your ass into next week, I’m not interested. Thanks. Bye.