Isn’t funny how the “About Me” page is so hard to write?


Dear Darla is a personal online diary for this hot mess of a 30-something year old to share her take on the infinite humor of singledom.

Some of the stories I’ve published do seem to be too fantastic to be true.  But come on, do you know anyone who could make this shit up?  The rest of the posts are just blurbs pointing out the underlying hilarity of life that so many people seem to miss.  Once in a while, my sense of humor is running on empty and I just post something a little more thoughtful and reflective.  They are not posted in any particular order.  In fact, many of these ideas have been around for the better part of a year.  I keep finding myself doing serious damage control with friends and boyfriends trying to convince them that the most recent post has absolutely NOTHING to do with them!  ((You are not the fuckboy! I promise!!))

But the real soul of this website is specifically meant for everyone who might be too afraid to be themselves, to own their shit, and to do what lights them up.  I hope my silly writings show you that despite the embarrassment, the rejection, and the inevitable discomfort that comes along with finding yourself, you will still wake up tomorrow.  Why not wake up without regrets?