Dear Darla

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Fuckboys Have Feelings TWO

For all of the poor guys who sent text messages apologizing to me for being a fuckboy...   Let me explain... In regards to my last post: I SWEAR it wasn't about you!  (Although some of your "sorry" texts were... Continue Reading →


Fuckboys Have Feelings Too

Hi Boys and Girls! I'm here to talk to you about today's "Word of the Day"....... FUCKBOY. Eff-You-See-Kay-Bee-O-Why. Fuckboy is a popular and effective slur reserved for only the utmost cantankerous, lily-livered men-children trolling the planet.  They can be described... Continue Reading →

My First Dates are Better Than Yours

In no particular order, a list of this year's memorable first dates, thus far. The time he called 911. I went to dinner with a nice young man one night at little hot spot in town.  I had a hearty... Continue Reading →

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